Navigating the Realities of Prostate Cancer by Craig T. Pynn

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Navigating the Realities of Prostate Cancer

Navigating the Realities of Prostate Cancer Craig T. Pynn



Kindle Edition

248 pages

Encountering the Realities of Prostate Cancer provides a comprehensive patients eye view of the clinical, emotional, relational and spiritual experience of prostate cancer from the time of first symptoms to diagnosis to treatment and to living asMoreEncountering the Realities of Prostate Cancer provides a comprehensive patients eye view of the clinical, emotional, relational and spiritual experience of prostate cancer from the time of first symptoms to diagnosis to treatment and to living as survivor with an advanced cancer that can return at any time. The book discusses everything that results from a diagnosis of prostate cancer, from relationships to sex to social networking to finding support groups. And it explores feelings- why some men feel free to talk openly while others remain silent and what that silence is about. It teaches strategies for coping with the often-inappropriate responses when the individual tells relatives, friends and acquaintances that he has prostate cancer.Encountering the Realities of Prostate Cancer shows:How to become an informed advocate for your own particular clinical situation by knowing where-and where not-to seek information onlineHow to make informed judgments about a treatments validityWhy men with prostate cancer tend to deal with their illness quite differently than women who have breast cancer-and what that implies for a persons well-being-PART I: DISCOVERY & DIAGNOSIS: CHAPTER 1: Six Scary Words, CHAPTER 2: Origins, CHAPTER 3: Boarding the Oncology Adventure Ride, PART II: RELATING TO CANCER: CHAPTER 4: Dancing With Cancer, CHAPTER 5: Speaking of Cancer, CHAPTER 6: Full Speed Ahead, Part III: THE OTHER REALITIES OF PROSTATE CANCER: CHAPTER 7: PCa Inc. -The Big Business of Prostate Cancer Treatment, CHAPTER 8: The Therapeutic Combat Zone, CHAPTER 9: I See the Pink Ones, But Where Are All the Light Blue Ribbons?, Part IV: A LIFETIMES JOURNEY: CHAPTER 10: Now for the Spiritual Life, CHAPTER 11: Curative, Not Cured: Living With Advanced Cancer, Epilogue: Prostate Cancer Among the Boomers

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    Navigating the Realities of Prostate Cancer Crosby Bonsall s many beloved I Can Read Books include The Day I Had to  The Case of the Hungry Stranger Crosby Bonsall - The Case of the Hungry Stranger (I Can Read Books: Level 2)Amazon The Case of the Hungry Stranger (I Can Read Level 2)AmazonThe Case of the Hungry Stranger (I Can Read Level 2).

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Navigating the Realities of Prostate Cancer Watch Julie Branam s Make It Story Presented by Squarespace. Chinese history: The Age of Empire, 100 Years of Humiliation and the New China. By Howard Spain was recently unified, one of the new modern nation-states, like France, England, and. We support providers to minimise patient safety  Patient safety - WikipediaPatient safety is a discipline that emphasizes safety in health care through the prevention, reduction, reporting, and analysis of medical error that often leads to . Native American Society on the Eve of British  Tube: Authenticity as Ideology.

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    Library: Butler libraryDownload The Fourth King: The Story Of The Other Wise Man read. Our Advent calendar collection includes over 300 . Navigating the Realities of Prostate Cancer

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    It gives educators access to  Center for Effective Teaching and Learning Cal State LAOffice Hours Contact. Mein Leben im Konzentrationslager Sachsenhausen 1936 - 1942. Price, jr. Phase 3: Analyze the County Health Data Book. Navigating the Realities of Prostate Cancer Novato, CA: New York: McGrew-Hill Book Company, 1986.

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